CrossWorlds – The Flying City

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Game Features

  • 4 different worlds in one game to explore: Scientist's House, Robo-World, River World and the Flying City
  • An intriguing story for each world
  • Gorgeous, eye-candy locations
  • Hours of entertainment, even for experienced players

Game Description

In the Hidden Object game CrossWorlds: The Flying City, Monica and her father, Professor Dumbdore have invented a unique device – a teleporter that enables travel though parallel worlds. But suddenly, Monica’s father mysteriously disappears. By chance, Monica finds a note from him which states he is being pursued by evil voices and that he must escape into the parallel worlds. Frantic to find and save her father, Monica gets in the teleporter and disappears into space. Travel with Monica on her journey and investigate 3 different worlds: Robo-world, River World and the Flying City, each with its own inhabitants and mysteries to solve.