Dream Inn- Driftwood

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Game Features

  • 16 stunning guest rooms with tons of hidden objects.
  • 32 entertaining mini-games to restore each room to its original Victorian splendor.
  • 25 inn and garden upgrades with 75 combinations to make the inn your very own.
  • 2 game modes for relaxed or challenging play.

Game Description

Restore the Driftwood Inn! Formerly Seaside’s premiere resort, this old gem has fallen into disrepair. But with the help of your boisterous inn manager, Emma Gray, and her darling cat, Pris, you can bring back the Inn’s Victorian era brilliance. Take a stroll in the garden and customize the Inn?s exterior with upgrades to create curb appeal. Explore luxurious guest suites, collect hidden items, and transform each room into a relaxing retreat. Make the Driftwood your own Dream Inn in this inn-spiring Hidden Object game.Download and Play Dream Inn: Driftwood