Escape from Thunder Island

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Game Features

  • Light-hearted yet thrilling storyline filled with mystery, intrigue and humor
  • Incredibly immersive and gorgeous graphics with over 30 unique locations
  • Fantastic game play
  • Collectible items lead to a bonus ending
  • Rich and exciting original soundtrack
  • Great voice acting

Game Description

In the Hidden Object game Escape from Thunder Island your challenge is to help the charming but somewhat clueless Rita James on a quest to rescue her father who went missing while looking for the Lost City of Zenadoo. With a volcano eruption looming over his last known location, Rita must trek through the jungle, explore temples and solve puzzles on her quest to be reunited with her father.In this thrilling and amusing game, Rita and her crew must content with Jungle Killers, Flesh Eating Monsters and Creatures of the Underworld, but with a whole lot of luck and her monkey friend Marbles looking out for her, Rita will manage to escape a variety of close calls. Help her navigate the island ruins for clues, collects items and assemble useful tools to progress from location to location in dramatic, cliff-hanging fashion. You’ll also get to solve some solid brain-bending puzzles along the way! Download Escape from Thunder Island for FREE and enjoy: