Great Secrets Da Vinci

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Game Features

  • Over 1000 objects to found.
  • Around 70 Levels.
  • 14 Amazing Location.
  • Beautifully rendered locations.
  • 6 different types of mini-game puzzles.

Game Description

Follow the life of the great Leonardo Da Vinci from his days as a young apprentice into old age and meet famous personalities of his time as he journeys as far as China in search of the legendary Philosopher’s Stone, said to be able to turn ordinary metals into gold!As you play Great Secrets: Da Vinci you get to flip through the pages of Da Vinci’s diary in an attempt to unlock the mysteries hidden within its pages. This Hidden Object game also includes a variety of puzzles and mini-games, as well as a generous amount of hints to help you locate over 1,000 well hidden objects. Can you crack Da Vinci’s code?Download Great Secrets: Da Vinci for FREE and enjoy: