It’s All About Masks

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Game Features

  • Mysterious atmosphere
  • Tricky case to crack
  • Find the documents

Game Description

It’s all About Masks starts when you board the Victoria Yacht to Venice on your new assignment as a British Secret Agent: to accompany Teodor Milos to Venice with some very important and secretive documents. The only problem is that Milos appears to be slightly on the shady side and in fact, shouldn’t be let out of sight or to be trusted with these documents at all. As expected, within a few days the documents indeed go missing. Now begins your quest to find out who stole the documents and manage to obtain them back.Unfortunately the slightly eccentric characters on-board are glad to point a blaming finger in each other’s direction, which means you end up searching each and every room on the yacht, including the occupants’ quarters.With bright and colorful visuals and great attention to detail, this Hidden Object game has great Hidden Object scenes, not to mention unique and fun mini-games.Download It’s all About Masks for FREE and enjoy: