Magic Encyclopedia

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Game Features

  • Over 25 levels of mind-bending adventures.
  • More than two dozen mini-games.
  • Hundreds of hidden objects to locate.

Game Description

Magic Encyclopedia is an enchanting Hidden Object game that’s full of magic and wonder. The heroine of the story is Catherine, a star student and soon-to-be graduate of the Academy for Magic. Just as Catherine completes her exams at the Academy, she receives an urgent message written on the wings of a paper bird. Upon reading the note, Catherine is instantly transported to a strange jungle, where she begins a whirlwind quest to find her brother and stop the manifestation of a terrible evil.As the game unfolds you must guide Catherine as she travels around the world searching for hidden objects. She must then use these hidden objects to solve cunning puzzles that will bring her ever closer to a startling discovery at the end of the journey. .The game features beautiful hand-painted scenery and addictive mini-games, making for gameplay that is both relaxing and stimulating. With its spellbinding story, Magic Encyclopedia is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure!