Mirror Magic

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Game Features

  • Fresh game-play concept
  • Attractive graphics
  • Soothing music
  • Good replayability

Game Description

Do you have a keen eye? If you think you do, then put your claim to the test in Mirror Magic! Throughout this unusual part Hidden Object, part Puzzle game, you’ll be presented with two scene displayed side by side. At first glance they’ll appear to be identical, but there are five subtle differences between them and it’s your challenge to find them all within a set timeframe.As the game progresses, so will the degree of difficulty. For example, you may be asked to look at three nearly identical images instead of two, or you may have to contend with a series of effects that make it harder for you to spot the differences.One of the cool features of Mirror Magic is that when you play the game again, the images you previously saw will have new differences to spot, which means that every time you play there will be new challenges to solve, guaranteeing hours of fun!