The Mysterious City: Cairo

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Game Features

  • Two game play modes: timer and a relaxed.
  • 56 unique levels.
  • Polished photo graphics and thrilling music.
  • A generous hint system as you hunt for cleverly hidden objects.
  • Puzzling mini-games.

Game Description

The Mysterious City: Cairo is an exciting Hidden Object game that takes you on a journey back to the lands of the pharaohs and pyramids. Your mission in this game is to retrieve three ancient relics were stolen on the way to the Alexandria Museum. Taking the role of a young archeologist who joins a professor searching for the stolen artifacts, you’ll be challenged every step of the way as you attempt to unlock the secrets of The Mysterious City: Cairo: Ransack various locations to find the clues left behind by the thieves, search for hidden objects, play amazing jigsaw puzzles and mini-games.