What Is A Hidden Object Game?

Chances are you’ve played a hidden object game at some point in your life. Have you ever played Where’s Waldo, I Spy, or the hidden picture puzzle in Highlights magazine? Then you’ve played a hidden object game!

Hidden object games are exactly what they sound like—casual games where the player finds objects in a picture or puzzle, or hidden clues that guide you through a fictional world. They may be digital, and they may be a little more advanced than older hidden object games, but they are definitely just as fun.

Today’s hidden object games were born out of a need to add more interactive elements to traditional hidden object games. What emerged was a genre of addictive and fun games that incorporated complex puzzles, adventures through exotic worlds, and fun characters.

Since the first hidden object game hit the market, Mystery Case Files by Big Fish Games, hidden object games have taken the casual gaming world by storm. Hidden object games hit the right combination of puzzle solving, adventure, and intrigue—and the gaming population seems to agree!

Hidden object games can be broken down into several categories depending on their elements. On HiddenObject.net, we feature 5 categories of hidden object games.

  • Mystery: Do you enjoy solving crimes & age-old mysteries? Test your detective skills in games like Hidden Mysteries: Notre Dame, or Hidden Mysteries: Return To Titanic.
  • Adventure: Unleash your inner thrill seeker through fun adventure-filled landscapes in games like Hidden World, or Corpatros: The Hidden Village.
  • Travel: Not since the days of Lewis & Clark has exploration been so fun! Play Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle or Hidden Wonders of Depths Deluxe and explore unknown worlds of puzzles and hidden objects.
  • Profession: Ever wonder what it was like to be an undercover agent, or perhaps a crime scene investigator? Find out with fun profession-simulation games like CSI or Hidden World of Art.
  • Puzzles & Brain Teasers: Bend and stretch your mind with multiple levels of brain teasers and puzzles to solve. Play Hidden Object: Crosswords, Pure Hidden, or 100% Hidden Object to keep your mind sharp—and have fun while you’re at it!

No matter what category is your favorite, HiddenObject.net is sure to have the hidden object game for you!