What Is Casual Gaming?

Casual gaming has taken the video game world by storm—but what exactly is a casual game?

Quite simply, a casual game is one that has simple rules of play and requires little to no commitment to stay entertained. Casual games can be played by anyone, ranging from children to adults. They can include any type of game play, and fit into any genre.

Some studies have shown that playing casual games on a regular basis can help boost brain function and improve mood. The type of “active participation” needed to play these games are said to keep minds sharp and focused—definitely a welcome bonus!

So what type of games are we talking about? Think Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Minesweeper, Solitaire, or any other game you might have played in recent years to pass some time. Those are exactly what casual games are!

Casual games are typically played on a PC, either through a downloaded version or online. With today’s abundance of mobile devices, casual games are enjoying a second wave of popularity. It’s so easy to download one and keep yourself entertained for hours!

Hidden object games are perhaps the most popular type of casual game out there. Hidden object games can range from puzzles and brain teasers to more complex adventure games that incorporate puzzles and I Spy type play.

There are a wide variety of hidden object games—and there are plenty to be found on HiddenObject.net. Browse our categories and you might just find your next casual gaming addiction!