HiddenObject.net’s Fan Favorites

We’ve asked players to chime in on their favorite hidden object games of the moment. Check these games out and see if you agree!

Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox

Andrea says “Mortimer Beckett was the first hidden object game that I ever tried—and I loved it! Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox is my favorite of the series. You get to time travel and help save the world!”

Mystery Cruise

Louise “loves the intrigue of Mystery Cruise. It’s so realistic that you feel like you’re actually on the high seas, and the mysteries and hidden object puzzles are never boring! The title of the game says it all!”

The Treasures of Mystery Island

Ahoy! Mike tells us he enjoys “the old-world, treasure hunting action. It’s the hidden object game you’ve been looking for if you love puzzles and adventures all combined in one.”

Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets

Do you love keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip? Angela says “Gotcha is one of the best simulation games around. Uncover all of Hollywood’s dirty secrets with paparazzi and puzzles!”

Jewel Quest Mysteries

Courtney says “Jewel Quest Mysteries makes you feel like the Indiana Jones of hidden object puzzles. Join Rupert & Emma on their latest adventures—it doesn’t disappoint!”